Archaeological Museum in Krakow Price List Tickets

The Archaeological Museum in Krakow is one of the most interesting museums located in the city centre. Many tourists wonder how much a ticket to the Archaeological Museum costs. What is the ticket price list? How much does it cost to enter the museum? Let’s find out!

How much does it cost to visit the main building of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków? Admission on a normal ticket to the permanent exhibitions and the temporary exhibition costs 22 PLN, while a reduced ticket is cheaper and costs 14 PLN. A family ticket costs 50 PLN.

It is cheaper to enter only the permanent exhibitions, but its purchase is not very worthwhile as it is better to see the whole museum. Entrance to the permanent exhibitions only costs 16 zlotys (3.52 EUR) for a normal ticket and 12 zlotys (2.64 EUR) for a reduced ticket. In addition, it is possible to buy a ticket only for the temporary exhibitions, its price being 14 zlotys (3.08 EUR) for normal and 11 zlotys (2.42 EUR) for concessions. So it is best to buy a ticket for both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Is it possible to visit the Archaeological Museum in Cracow for free? Yes, it is! The free day to visit the permanent exhibition at the Archaeological Museum is Tuesday.

It is worth noting that the prices quoted above are from the price list valid in 2023, so if you are going to visit the main building of the Archaeological Museum in Krakow much later it is worth verifying on the official website if the prices are still valid.

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