Botanical Garden Krakow Ticket Price. Admission Price

The Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University, known simply as the Botanical Garden of Krakow, is one of the major attractions in Krakow. The oldest botanical garden in Poland is available to visit. Many people wonder what the price list of the Botanical Garden in Krakow is. How much do the tickets cost? Let’s find out!

Founded in 1783, the Botanical Garden is one of the most interesting attractions in Krakow. The garden is located near the city centre at 27 Kopernika St. How much do tickets cost? How much is the entrance fee?

A normal ticket to the Botanical Garden in Krakow costs 15 PLN (3.30 EUR), while a reduced ticket is priced at 8 PLN (1.76 EUR). For families, there is a special family ticket available for 35 PLN (7.70 EUR). Visitors also have the option to purchase a season ticket for 100 PLN (22 EUR) or an annual ticket for 150 PLN (33 EUR), providing access to the garden for an extended period.

An annual pensioner ticket costs PLN 50. There is also an educational ticket for 28 zł and a reduced ticket for 19 zł. Admission to the garden is free for children under 4. The prices in the price list are from the 2023 current price list. If you are going to visit the botanical garden in Krakow much later it is worth checking on the official website if the prices are still valid.

Summary: The cost of entering the Botanical Garden in Krakow is 15 PLN (3.30 EUR) for a normal ticket.

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