Can I Use American Express in Poland? Can I Pay With American Express in Krakow?

Many people coming to Krakow decide to pay for services in hotels or restaurants by card. Tourists with American Express cards often wonder if American Express cards are accepted in Poland. Is it possible to pay with American Express cards in Krakow? Let’s check it out!

Payments with credit and debit cards in Poland are very common. Most Poles use Visa, Maestro and Master Card. To begin with, it is worth noting that American Express Cards are not popular in Poland. They are used mainly by people employed by large foreign corporations as cards used to cover business expenses. Private individuals order them extremely rarely. What does this mean for tourists with American Express cards? Is it necessary to have one of the cards used by Poles when going to Poland? Not necessarily but it can be useful in many cases.

In most high-end places in Poland, you can pay with American Express cards. Hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies, and shops in shopping malls, airports, and gas stations are all places where you can pay with your American Express card in Poland and Krakow.

Outside of Warsaw, Krakow or Gdansk, in the Polish countryside, American Express cardholders may have problems processing payments. You may have problems using American Express are small neighbourhood shops away from the centre of Krakow or in small towns.

When travelling to Poland or Krakow it is a good idea to bring a card issued by another entity, but it is not necessary if you stay in a high-class hotel and enjoy good restaurants in the centre of Krakow. You can simply equip yourself with some Polish zloty which may come in handy in an emergency situation. Here we write more about currency in Poland and Krakow.

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