Dentist Prices in Krakow and Poland. How Much Does it Cost?

Prices in Poland and prices in Krakow are significantly lower than in developed Western European countries. Prices of dental services are no exception. If you are wondering how much do dentists in Krakow cost, we will check it today. How much do you have to pay for a dentist in Poland in Kraków? Here are the dentist prices in Krakow.

Dentist in Poland and dentist in Krakow are definitely cheaper services than dentist in London, Vienna or Paris. Dentist in Poland costs much, much cheaper. How much do you have to pay for dentist in Krakow?

A filling performed in a dental clinic in Krakow costs from 200 to 300 PLN depending on clinic location and quality of the service. Reconstruction of a tooth is also about 200-300 PLN. About 300-400 PLN you will have to pay for tartar removal.

Root canal treatment in Krakow costs 300-400 PLN for one root canal, 400-600 PLN for two root canals and 600-800 PLN for three root canals. Of course there are also more expensive dental clinics in Cracow. Root canal treatment with the use of microscope will also be slightly more expensive.

Crown on a tooth costs about 900-1100 PLN for a porcelain crown, 1400-1700 PLN for a ceramic crown. Implants in Poland cost about 3000-4000 PLN depending on the clinic.

Teeth whitening in Krakow in Poland costs about 800-1000 zł for whitening with the Beyond lamp or about 800 PLN with the overlay method.

Summary: As you can see, the prices of dentists in Kraków are significantly lower than the prices of dental surgeries in Western Europe and that’s why many dentists are focusing on dental tourism not only in Kraków itself but also in whole Poland. Dental tourism to Poland is particularly popular in cities near the German border, such as Wrocław and Poznań.

Most dental clinics in Poland make no secret about their prices. On the websites of good dental clinic you will always find price lists with prices in Polish zloty. Before choosing a particular dental clinic in Poland where you want to undertake treatment, it is a good idea to read reviews about a particular dentist on the Internet or in discussion groups related to your chosen city.

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