National Museum in Krakow Free Ticket. When is it Free?

A lot of people enjoy visiting museums but not everyone is as keen to pay for tickets, which is why many people wonder when the National Museum in Krakow is free. When are free days at the National Museum in Krakow? When are free visits?

The National Museum in Krakow has not only the main building on 3 May Avenue, but also many other branches such as the famous Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art in the Sukiennice, as well as the Princes Czartoryski Museum, the Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum and the Czapski Pavilion, Jan Matejko’s House, the Szołayski House, Józef Mehoffer’s House or Bishop Erazm Ciołek’s Palace and the Wyspiański Museum.

Is it possible to visit these museums for free? The answer to this question is: of course you can for free.

The free day at the branches of the National Museum in Krakow is Tuesday. Free entrance to all branches is valid on Tuesdays so if you want to save money, these museums are one of the most interesting free attractions in Krakow.

Please note: the free day may change at some point so before planning your visit it is worth checking on the official museum website if Tuesday is still a free visit day.

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