What to do in Krakow at Night? Krakow Fun at Night

Krakow is a city that never sleeps, and in the evening and at night it gains even more charm. This is why many people wonder what to do in Krakow in the evening and at night. What to do in Krakow in the evening? What to do in Krakow at night? Let’s check out the attractions and ideas for evening entertainment.

Go to the cinema, theatre, opera or philharmonic hall

If you are looking for a cultural way to spend an evening in Krakow, the city offers many options. In the city centre you will find cultural institutions such as the Pod Baranami cinema, which is one of the oldest in Europe, or the Mikro studio cinema. You can also go to the theatre, including the famous Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, or the opera or philharmonic houses located close to the centre. Tickets for events at the above-mentioned institutions in Krakow are quite cheap compared to Western European countries. Please note: many of the cultural institutions unfortunately suspend operations during the peak tourist season in the summer.

Evening walk in the city

When the weather is good, you can spend an evening strolling around Krakow. The most popular places for an evening walk in Krakow are, of course, the Planty park, the Vistula boulevards or the attractively lit footbridge connecting Kazimierz with Podgórze. Attractively illuminated in the evening are the Wawel Castle, the Słowacki Theatre or Floriańska and Grodzka Streets or the area around the Grunwald Monument or the Dom Pod Globusem.

An evening in a club or pub

There is an abundance of pubs and clubs in Krakow and most of them, especially during the tourist season, operate all week long. You will find in Cracow both mordant places with cheap beer, expensive and weak pubs oriented on foreign tourists, and more sophisticated places good for a drink. There are also places in Krakow where you can play board games, for example.

An evening at a good restaurant

There are many restaurants in the centre of Krakow that are tourist traps but fortunately not all of them are. There are several restaurants in Krakow recommended in the Michelin Guide and a few that are not in this esteemed group but are still good. There is also a Michelin-starred restaurant in Krakow. So it’s worth considering dining in an interesting place such as Pod Różą, Copernicus, Szara Gęś, Wierzynek, Bottiglieria 1881, Amarylis, Farina, The Hours or Folga. You can always ask the concierge to recommend a good restaurant in Krakow.

An evening with a view of the sunset

There are not many cafes and restaurants with a view of Cracow, and generally not many places with a view either, but there are some. If you want to spend an evening in an unusual way, you can go to watch the sunset from Krakus Mound, climb the Piłsudski Mound, take a ride on the Viewing Wheel or climb aboard a viewing balloon in Krakow.

An evening with a Polish girl

Many tourists come to Krakow to interact with Polish girls who are famous all over Europe. Some meet new girlfriends in the city centre of Krakow on the streets or in shopping centres, others choose to pick up girls on Tinder, and still others have a business approach. Here you can find out how much it costs to get girls in Krakow.

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