Where in Kraków Was The Ghetto. In Which District? When Was it Liquidated?

During the Second World War, Krakow was one of the cities occupied by the Germans, who established a ghetto there for the Jewish population. Where was the ghetto in Kraków? In which district of Kraków was the ghetto located? Let’s find out!

The Krakow ghetto was officially established by an order of 3 March 1941, with a deadline for removal by 20 March 1941. The Krakow ghetto was not located in Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter of Krakow, but in Podgórze.

The German authorities restricted the Jews’ freedom of movement and ordered them to move to a designated zone. Some 15,000 people were relocated to Kazimierz within a few months. The Krakow ghetto was not the largest ghetto either in terms of population or area. It covered an area of about 20 hectares and consisted of 15 streets.

The Krakow ghetto was finally liquidated on 13-14 March 1943, when the Germans carried out the so-called „liquidation action”. Of the population remaining in the ghetto, around 2,000 were murdered, while around 8,000 were transported to the Płaszów camp.

The Krakow ghetto left behind many memorials, including the ghetto walls on Lwowska Street and behind the school on Limanowskiego Street.

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