Where to Have a Beer in Krakow? TOP 11 Beer Bars With Craft Beer

Going out for a beer is a popular pastime for tourists coming to Krakow. Poland and Krakow are famous for cheap beer. You can go out for beer in Krakow to practically any pub, as there is beer in almost every pub, but not everywhere the beer is of high quality. Where to go for good beer in Krakow? Where to go for craft beer in Krakow? Here are good beer bars and breweries for going out for an evening beer in Krakow.


Nowa Wytwórnia


One of the most interesting craft beer establishments in Krakow is definitely Nowa Wytwórnia. The pub is located in a place that is hard to get to. An Uber or Bolt ride will be necessary. Far from the centre at 13 Fabryczna Street, their menu includes wheat beer with mango and macaque, weizen, hazy apa, cold ipa, Czech pils. The restaurant’s menu includes main dishes, soups and fingerfood. Interestingly, different bites are served with the beer, depending on what kind of beer we have chosen. Unfortunately, the restaurant’s opening hours are very short. They close at 22:00 during the week and at 23:00 at weekends.


House of Beer

House of Beer is a nice-looking pub located practically in the very centre of Krakow at 35 Św. Tomasza Street, i.e. just a few steps from the Main Market Square itself. The menu features a variety of bottled beers from breweries from all over the world, a large selection of draught beers and, importantly, a large selection of food. The menu includes sandwiches, burgers, wings, main courses and finger food. Prices are not among the highest.


TeaTime Brewpub

It’s not the highest quality premises but it’s quite interesting and cheap. T.E.A. Time Brewpub located at 1 Dietla Street near Grunwaldzki Bridge and St. Michael the Archangel and St. Stanislaus Church is a few minutes’ walk from Wawel Castle, quite a distance from the most frequented places in Krakow. The three-storey venue has its own mini-brewery brewing ales, stouts, porters and wheat beers.


Browar Lubicz

Many of the craft venues are simple in design and atmosphere. Fortunately, not all of them are. Those looking for slightly more sophisticated places can direct their steps to Browar Lubicz located a few steps from the railway station and Galeria Krakowska shopping mall. The several-storey establishment offers beer cocktails and a variety of beers from the Lubicz Brewery. If you want to drop in, it’s more for the beer, although food is also on offer. A litre of beer from 30 PLN.


Strefa Piwa Pub

Where to have a beer in Kazimierz? Another place to grab a beer in Krakow’s Kazimierz district is, for example, the Strefa Piwa pub located at 6 Józefa St. The interior may not be the most exclusive but the beer selection is quite large, especially beers from Poland and the Czech Republic. There are also two beer shops in Krakow under the same brand.


Stara Zajezdnia

Another of the more atmospheric venues for beer in Krakow is Stara Zajezdnia and the mini-brewery located here. Stara Zajezdnia is located in the former Jewish district of Kazimierz famous for its pubs and bars. The mini-brewery located in the restaurant brews beers such as light pilsner, dark lager, wheat beer, aipa and pineapple aipa, dark beer with buckwheat honey, light apple beer, honey beer, plum beer, pale ale, cherry sour ale. Main courses, pasta, tapas, beer snacks also on the menu. A 0.4-litre beer is around PLN 12 (EUR 2.55 or GBP 2.20).


Viva la Pinta

In the very centre of Krakow, a few steps from the Market Square at 13 Floriańska Street, you can drop in for a beer at a pub run by a fairly well-known brewery in Poland. Viva la Pinta is a place where you will mainly get beers from Pinta, but not only. There are also beers from various other breweries from Poland and beyond. The cost of 0.5 litres starts at around 15 PLN (3.20 EUR or 2.80 GBP). The menu also includes snacks such as chips, quesadillas and burgers.


Nowy Kraftowy

One more craft beer bar in Krakow is located in the very centre of Kazimierz at pl. Nowy at number 8. The popular Nowy Kraft pub operates here. The menu features a variety of draught beers from Poland, the Czech Republic or Belgium. Prices from around 11 to 20 PLN for 0.5 litres (from 2.30-4.30 EUR or 2-3.70 GBP), depending on the type. Also on the menu are pizzas under 30 PLN, as well as snacks and burgers.



Another place in Kazimierz is the Craftownia pub at 22 Św. Wawrzyńca St., which attracts attention with its old sign in front of the entrance. The menu mainly features draught beers from Poland, but foreign beers will also be found here. Prices are among the very low ones. You will pay from around 10 to 20 PLN (up to 4.20 EUR or 3.70 GBP) for a large beer here.


Nalej Se

The address of Tadeusza Romanowicza 4 is not on the way if you are visiting the Old Town, Podgórze or Kazimierz, but if you want to go for a beer, you can also drop in here. Zabłocie is home to „the first self-service multitap in Krakow”. It offers draught kraft beers from Poland, Belgium or the Czech Republic, with prices starting from PLN 3 for 0.1 litre (under EUR 1 or GBP 1). The menu also includes snacks such as burgers. Unfortunately, the Zabłocie district is a long way from the main square, so if you want to come here, you’ll have to use Uber, Bolt or public transport.


Multi Qlti Tap Bar

One more suggestion on the list of places to have a beer in Krakow is the craft beer joint Multi Qlti Tap Bar at 21 Szewska Street near the Main Square itself. They usually offer around 20 different craft beers mainly from breweries originating in Poland. Prices around 12 to 20 PLN for 0.5 litres, There is also no shortage of beer in cans and bottles. They also serve snacks here, but if you want to eat well it is better to choose another place. Here they mainly serve snacks such as hot dogs.

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