About Us

How many times have you arrived in a foreign city and found yourself in a café or restaurant that was far from the usual standards in terms of design, prices and level of service? Often, even locals don’t know which places to steer clear of and which are worth their time and money. This is where we, the enthusiasts of Krakow, come in.

We want the PracticalKrakow.pl service to become a guidebook for tourists visiting Krakow and Poland. A guide in which we will review every Krakow cafe and restaurant, whether on the Market Square, in the Podgórze district or in Kazimierz.

Our website is a place to exchange views, opinions and interesting facts from Krakow and Poland but not only! If you know of something we should write about let us know! If you are organising an interesting event and are interested in being a patron and helping to inform about it – please also let us know.

The PractocalKrakow.pl website is gradually becoming the best blog for trips to Poland. A comprehensive guide to Krakow. Please note, however, that we do not provide tourist information!

We do not organise trips to Krakow, stag parties or visits to the dentist. We do not rent flats, we do not recommend any Krakow guide, we do not answer questions about taxi phone numbers, shop addresses, border crossings or any other questions the answers to which can be found in the published articles on our website or can be found by taking 3 seconds to use the search engine.