Krakow Christmas Market 2023. Dates. When and Where

The Christmas Market 2023 in Krakow is one of the city’s biggest attractions during the winter period. Many people planning a trip to Krakow at the end of 2023 are wondering when the Christmas Market 2023 in Krakow is. What is the date of the fair? When is the Christmas market in Krakow this year? What is its 2023 date? Let’s find out!

Traditionally, at the end of the year, in the run-up to Christmas, a Christmas market is organised on Krakow’s central plan. In 2023, this will not change and the Market Square will again be lined with stalls selling all sorts of souvenirs and delicacies, which are famous throughout Poland for their very high prices. What is the date of the 2023 Krakow Christmas market?

When will there be a Christmas market on the Market Square in Krakow in 2023? The date of the Krakow Christmas market is from 24 November 2023 to 1 January 2024. Compared to other Christmas markets scattered around various cities in Europe, the one in Krakow will therefore be a fairly long-lasting event. This is because in most cities, Christmas markets usually end the day before Christmas Eve or on 24 December at the latest.

As is usual for a fair in Krakow, also in 2023 we can expect the opening hours to oscillate between 10:00 and late evening or even night.

Summary: When is the Christmas market 2023 in Krakow? On what days and from when until when will it be? The Christmas market in Krakow is planned from Friday 24 November and is expected to last until 1 January 2024. However, it is worth remembering that stalls may still be on the Market Square after 1 January in Krakow for the New Year’s Fair.

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