How Much is Taxi in Krakow. Taxi Prices in Krakow, Poland

If you are thinking of coming to Krakow on holiday and you are not going to rent a car in Krakow, then transport around the city has to be arranged somehow. One of the ways to get around Krakow are taxis. How much do taxis cost in Krakow? How much do you have to pay for a taxi ride in Krakow? Here are taxi prices in Krakow.

The maximum cost per kilometre by taxi in Krakow is set by the municipal authorities. Taxi corporations have an upper limit but can demand less. Usually, however, in most price lists, the price is set at the maximum possible level.

Maximum official prices within the administrative borders of the city of Cracow are:
7 PLN charge for hiring a taxi and driving the first distance;
2.80 PLN fare for 1 km on weekdays between 6 am and 10 pm 1st zone;
4.20 PLN fare 2 for 1 km from 10 pm to 6 am and on Sundays and public holidays

Taxi in the city outskirts is much more expensive. The prices are as follows:

5.60 PLN for 1 km on weekdays between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm in the taxi zone II
8.40 PLN for 1 km from 22:00 to 6:00 and on Sundays and public holidays in the taxi zone II – PLN

There is also an additional charge for parking. 38 PLN for one hour of parking for all tariffs – PLN 38.00.

Taxis in Krakow, compared to Poles’ earnings, are quite expensive. Fortunately, Krakow has both Uber and Bolt, services that offer lower prices than taxis.

If you’re thinking of taking a taxi cab in Krakow, take our advice: don’t take taxis directly from the taxi stop and don’t ride with any driver who stops on the street and offers give you a ride.

If you absolutely have to use a taxi, it is best to order all journeys via the application on your mobile phone or through the official hotlines of the taxi corporations. You MUST get a receipt from the driver after every journey! Drivers who cheat do not want to issue receipts. It is worth noting that prices in Poland are rising all the time due to gigantic inflation, so before choosing a particular taxi corporation, it is worth reading the official price list published on its website.

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