How Much is a Vodka in Krakow and Poland? Vodka Price 2022

One of the products that Poland is famous for and can be bought in Krakow is vodka. Many tourists cannot imagine a trip to Krakow without getting a bottle of vodka. How much does vodka cost in Poland? How much does vodka cost in Krakow? Let’s check how much you have to pay for a bottle of vodka in Krakow.

We pay around 7 zlotys for a small bottle of 100 ml flavoured vodka (Poles call it małpka, monkey) with 30% alcohol content. Popular vodka brands among those cheapest ones include Żubrówka or Absolwent. For around 8 PLN we can buy a 100 ml bottle of the flavoured vodkas Soplica, Lubelska, Krupnik or Żołądkowa.

A 200 ml bottle of flavoured vodka costs 12-15 zlotys (2.65-3.30 EUR), depending on the brand. However, it is time for vodka with a higher volume and alcohol content. A 500 ml bottle of vodka in Poland costs from 25 zlotys for lower quality spirits to around 35 zlotys (7.70 EUR) for better quality vodkas.

A bottle of 0.7 litre vodka costs from 35 to 55 zlotys for vodkas such as Finlandia or Nemiroff, Żubrówka Czarna. Imported vodkas or Polish vodka of higher quality will cost between 55 and 70 zlotys. Of course, better quality vodka will not be as cheap. Grey Goose in Krakow and in Poland costs around 170-200 zlotys for a bottle of 0.7 litres.

As with beer shopping in Krakow, it’s worth being careful where you shop. Shops located in the immediate vicinity of the Main Square in the city centre will definitely be more expensive than a regular grocery shop that is not located in a touristy area of Krakow.

If you want to buy vodka during your trip to Krakow in Poland, it is worth reading our guide to some popular Polish vodka brands – the article is here.

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