Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in Zakopane?

To save vacation costs, many people wonder whether it is possible to drink tap water to avoid buying expensive mineral water. This question also often arises among tourists visiting Zakopane looking to cut the cost of their trip. Is it possible to drink tap water in Zakopane? Is the tap water in Zakopane drinkable? Is Zakopane tap water safe to drink? Let’s check it out!

Representatives of Zakopane’s waterworks ensure that the city can boast clean and healthy drinking water available directly from the tap. Local officials stress that Zakopane’s tap water is one of the best in the country

According to assurances from Zakopane’s waterworks, Zakopane’s tap water happens to be more mineralized than some spring waters available for purchase in stores in Poland. On local Polish blogs about Zakopane, we read that mineralization of Zakopane water is up to 58.4 calcium cations, 17 magnesium cations, 3.9 sodium cations and less than 1 potassium cation, as well as up to 204.5 bicarbonate anions, less than 50 chloride anions and up to 27.1 sulfate anions and less than 0.1 fluoride anions.

The most mineralized water comes from the Kotelnica intake, and the least from the Kuźnice intake. Full mineralization of water from Zakopane intakes is available on the official website of SEWIK, the company responsible for supplying water to Zakopane residents.

It should be remembered, however, that the final quality of water in Zakopane is influenced not only by the quality of water in the intake, but also by the quality and technical condition of the transmission network. If you are resting in a building equipped with old pipes perhaps drinking water directly from the tap will not be advisable.

So, in conclusion, it is worth emphasizing that if you are traveling to Zakopane and wondering if it is possible to drink tap water in Zakopane, the answer to this question is yes.

It is safe to drink tap water in the Polish mountain resort of Zakopane.

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