Is There Uber in Zakopane? Is There Bolt in Zakopane?

Zakopane is becoming a destination for many foreign tourists every year. The capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains is stormed both in summer and winter, also around New Year’s Eve. Zakopane is not only a place for active tourism, sometimes it is also a party place. When one cannot drive one’s own car after drinking alcohol or arriving in the mountains by train, one has to think about on-site transport. Many people wonder whether Zakopane is Uber and Bolt. Today we are answering this question.

In Krakow and many cities in Poland, you can easily order transport that is definitely cheaper than taxis using the Uber and Bolt apps. Is there an Uber in Zakopane? Is there a Bolt in Zakopane?

If you’re wondering whether Uber works in Zakopane, we unfortunately have to disappoint you. Uber does not drive in Zakopane. There are no Bolt services here either.

Does Bolt operate in Zakopane? Unfortunately, the only Polish cities on the letter Z in which Bolt operates at the moment are Zabrze and Zielona Góra. So you have to use conventional taxis in Zakopane. We recommend, as is usual in tourist destinations, ordering a taxi by phone rather than hailing a random taxi from a taxi rank.

Taxis in Zakopane can be expensive. This is a Polish town famous for its far too expensive services and taxi transport is no exception. When looking for a taxi in Zakopane, you need to be extra careful and be on your guard!

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