Is There Uber in Krakow? Is There Uber in Poland?

Many tourists planning a holiday in Krakow, Poland travel by plane. If we left our car at home we need a way to get around the city, so many people wonder if there is an Uber in Krakow, Poland. Does Uber work in Krakow? How much does Uber cost in Krakow? Let’s check the prices.

You can read many misleading articles about Uber’s presence in Poland. So it is worth making things clear. In Krakow and many other cities in Poland, Uber works without problems and is often a better service than a standard taxi picked up from a stop on the street. Uber is 100% safe in Poland and Krakow. The only problem is a large number of Ukrainian drivers who work for Uber in Poland. They may not know the topography of Krakow so it is always a good idea to verify the route on the map on your mobile phone screen.

Krakow and Poland are famous for prices that are definitely lower than in developed Western European countries. It is no different with Uber rides. How much do Uber rides cost in Krakow?

How Much is Uber in Krakow?

If you need a short ride, for example between the Old Town and Kazimierz, you will pay a maximum of 15-25 PLN (3.30-5.55 EUR or 2.85-4.75 GBP).

An Uber ride from Krakow airport to the city centre will be more expensive. The route from the airport in Krakow to the Sheraton Hotel located in the city centre not far from the Wawel Castler costs around 35-50 PLN (7.75-11.10 EUR or 6.65-9.50 GBP) depending on traffic jams and time of the day when you order the ride.

We would like to remind you that apart from Uber in Krakow and in many other cities in Poland, you can also use the Bolt service. In most cases, ordering a Bolt or Uber in Krakow is definitely a better idea than taking a taxi because the prices are lower. The exceptions to this are events that increase the demand for in-app rides such as football matches taking place in Krakow or major concerts by international music stars.

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