How to get Around Krakow? Best Way to Travel in the City

Planning a trip to Krakow but don’t know how to get around? Today we will check what are the best ways to get around Krakow. Here are the ways to have a successful holiday in Krakow.

We have already described how to get from Krakow Airport to the centre of Krakow in the vicinity of the Main Square, but once you get there, you need to get around Krakow to explore it. How to do it? Here are the means of transport in Krakow.

Sightseeing on foot

Krakow is quite a big city by Polish standards but in reality it’s pretty small city. When it comes to sightseeing, most of the tourist attractions or good restaurants are within walking distance of the Main Square. Most things worth seeing are in the Old Town and its immediate surroundings. On foot, you can walk from the Market Square to Wawel Castle, stroll through the Planty and reach the Vistula River within a few minutes. The famous party district of Kazimierz can be also reached on foot, and the attractions in the Podgórze district are not really visited by everyone, as there is not much to see there. Those who want to see a relic of communism – the Nowa Huta district – must use means of transport.

Public transport

We have written before about whether there is a metro in Krakow. There is not. But there are trams and buses. If you don’t feel like long walks, when visiting centre of Krakow you can always take tram or bus to go few stops. Public transport in Krakow is not really suitable for longer trips. The cost of single ticket in public transport in Krakow is 6 PLN (about 1.35 EUR). Such a ticket allows you to travel on one means of transport or change for 60 minutes from the moment of punching the ticket. The cheapest ticket is for 20 minutes. It costs 4 zloty.

Uber, Bolt, Taxi

We have previously written that Uber and Bolt operate in Krakow. There are also taxis in Krakow. Compared to tourist cities in Western Europe, the prices of Uber and Bolt are quite low in Krakow. With taxis, it is not the same. They are not expensive, but they can be a trap for tourists.

Electric scooters

In the centre of Krakow you can find electric scooters practically in every corner. It is also a very good way to get to all the major attractions of the city and not spend too much on transport. In Krakow you can rent the scooters in services like Bolt or Lime.

Carriage Rides

Krakow is famous for its horse-drawn carriages parked on the main square near St. Mary’s Church. Horse-drawn carriages in Krakow are an attraction in themselves and are rather unsuitable for travelling from point A to point B. Compared to the earnings of ordinary Poles, a cab ride is quite expensive. The cost of one hour in a carriage is about 200 zlotys. Prices can be negotiated and it is always worth trying to rent a carriage yourself in order not to pay commission to any additional company organizing such attractions.

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