Animal Cafes in Krakow. Cafes with Cats and Animals Pets

Krakow is a city that is famous for its numerous cafes and restaurants with a unique character. One of the newest trends among Krakow’s restaurants are animals in cafes. It is a perfect option for lovers of quadrupeds and fur animals who want to drink coffee or tea in the company of animals. What are the cafes with animals in Krakow? What are cat cafes and restaurants like? Are they with rabbits or dogs? Let’s find out!

Where to Eat in Krakow? Best Restaurants from Michelin Guide

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of restaurants in Krakow but only a few can boast a really high standard. Many of Krakow’s establishments are just tourist traps. If you want to find out what the best restaurants in Krakow are, it is worth checking which restaurants in Krakow have been awarded in the Michelin Guide? Here is a list of restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide to Krakow. Dining in some of the best restaurants in Krakow does not have to be expensive at all!

Where to Have a Beer in Krakow? TOP 11 Beer Bars With Craft Beer

Going out for a beer is a popular pastime for tourists coming to Krakow. Poland and Krakow are famous for cheap beer. You can go out for beer in Krakow to practically any pub, as there is beer in almost every pub, but not everywhere the beer is of high quality. Where to go for good beer in Krakow? Where to go for craft beer in Krakow? Here are good beer bars and breweries for going out for an evening beer in Krakow.

Where to go for a Drink in Krakow? 10 Best Cocktail Bars

Krakow offers a multitude of different venues, some of them ideal for drinks. If you are coming to Krakow and wondering where to go for a drink in Krakow, we have compiled a list of interesting cocktail bars in the city centre around the Market Square and in Kazimierz in Krakow. Where to go for a drink? Where to go for cheap or good cocktails in Krakow? Here are some best atmospheric bars in Krakow.

Are Krakow Bars and Restaurants Open?

In uncertain times for tourists, in many places around the world local authorities introduce various bans, orders and restrictions. In Poland it was the same, so many people wonder if bars, clubs and restaurants in Krakow are open. Are pubs and restaurants in Krakow normally open?

What Food to Try in Poland? TOP 7 Polish Soups to Eat

Polish cuisine is neither the tastiest nor the healthiest in the world, but it does have some interesting dishes. One of the traditional Polish customs is eating a two-course dinner. The first course in Polish cuisine is soup. Here are

How Much is Beer in a Restaurant in Krakow?

Every day thousands of tourists come to Krakow. Many people want to go for a beer after visiting the attractions in Krakow. Tourists wonder how much beer costs on the Market Square in Kraków and in its vicinity. How much does it cost in Kazimierz? How much does a beer cost in a restaurant and in pub in Krakow? Those are the prices.

Tourist Traps in Krakow. What to Watch Out for in Krakow?

Krakow is one of the safest tourist cities in Europe. There are no bad neighbourhoods, homeless people or gangs of thugs on the streets. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be careful in Krakow. If you are going to Krakow and you wonder what to watch out for in Krakow, we have prepared for you a list of tourist traps in Krakow. What to watch out for when visiting Krakow?

How Much does a Ferris Wheel in Krakow cost? Cracow Eye Ticket Price

There are not many places in Krakow from which you can look down on the city, but for those who like views, there is a viewing wheel in Krakow called Krakow Eye. How much does a ticket to the Krakow Eye feeries wheel cost? How much do you have to pay for admission? Let’s check it out!