Animal Cafes in Krakow. Cafes with Cats and Animals Pets

Krakow is a city that is famous for its numerous cafes and restaurants with a unique character. One of the newest trends among Krakow’s restaurants are animals in cafes. It is a perfect option for lovers of quadrupeds and fur animals who want to drink coffee or tea in the company of animals. What are the cafes with animals in Krakow? What are cat cafes and restaurants like? Are they with rabbits or dogs? Let’s find out!

Note this is not a compilation of the best cafes with cats, dogs or rabbits or any other animals in Krakow. Personally, we are not in favor of such cafes regardless of what standards they meet and how well they take care of animals. However, there is no denying that cafes with animals in Krakow are.

Psikawka dog cafe, Mazowiecka street 8

A sizable chunk from the Market Square on Mazowiecka Street is a dog cafe. It’s not a typical pet cafe, but more of a cafe friendly to dog owners, so as not to disturb customers of other cafes in Krakow. There is also a pet store, dog adoptions are organized, etc. Breakfast and dumplings within the range of 30 zl, latte coffee for 15 zl (3.30 EUR).

Magillo, Wojciecha Lipowskiego street 8

One of the most interesting establishments on the list is not a cat cafe or a dog cafe, but a restaurant where you can visit a mini zoo that is home to, among others, a crocodile or parrots, turtles and snakes. However, the crocodile cannot be hugged or stroked. The restaurant is cheap. A nice touch is that the restaurant is quite cheap for the conditions of the galloping depreciation of the Polish zloty. Main courses are mostly under 40 zlotys (8.80 EUR), pastas under 25 zlotys (5.50 EUR), and burgers under 30 zlotys (under 6.60 EUR)

Cat Café Kittery, Lubicz street 1

A little closer to the center is a cat cafe in Krakow. This is a typical cafe where you can meet cats. There are strict rules about not upsetting the animals and not feeding them. Children under school age, who could be a danger to the animals, are not allowed here. Coffee lattes around 16 zloty, pastries around 16-19 zloty (3.50 to 4.20 EUR)

Bunny Cafe królicza kawiarnia, Długa street 4

There is also a rabbit cafe in Krakow where rabbits run around. It is also located on Dluga Street at number 4. Here, too, for the safety of the animals, too young children are not allowed, entry for children from 6 years old. Here it is possible to simply ticket admission to the rabbit enclosure at the price of 19,90 zloty for a normal ticket and 16,90 for a discounted one (4.40 for normal and 3.70 for reduced).

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