What to do in Krakow at Night? Krakow Fun at Night

Krakow is a city that never sleeps, and in the evening and at night it gains even more charm. This is why many people wonder what to do in Krakow in the evening and at night. What to do in Krakow in the evening? What to do in Krakow at night? Let’s check out the attractions and ideas for evening entertainment.

Krakow Eye Ferris Wheel Price List. How Much is the Ticket?

There are many popular attractions in Krakow, such as visiting the Wawel Royal Castle or simply strolling around the Market Square. There are not many places where you can look down on Krakow from above, but for those who like views, there is a viewing wheel in Krakow. How much does a ticket to the Krakow Eye observation wheel cost? What is the ticket price list?

Krakow Observation Balloon Price. How Much is a Ticket?

A sightseeing balloon in Krakow is one of the most interesting unusual attractions for tourists and locals. Many people going to Krakow wonder how much a ticket for an observation balloon in Krakow costs. What is the price of an observation balloon ticket? What is the price list?

krakow streets

Where Are All the Bars in Krakow?

Krakow has become known to tourists as a city of endless parties in clubs, bars and pubs. Many tourists planning a trip to Krakow wonder where all these bars in Krakow are. Where to party in Krakow? Where are the clubs located? Let’s find out!

Krakow Christmas Market 2022 2023. Dates. When and Where

The Christmas Market in Krakow is one of the biggest winter attractions in the city every year. Many tourists from all over the world come to Krakow especially for the Christmas market and wonder when the Christmas Market 2022 in Krakow is. What is the date of the fair? When will the 2022/2023 Christmas fair be? Let’s find out what’s known! What are the dates of Krakow Christmas Market 2022?

Where to Have a Beer in Krakow? TOP 11 Beer Bars With Craft Beer

Going out for a beer is a popular pastime for tourists coming to Krakow. Poland and Krakow are famous for cheap beer. You can go out for beer in Krakow to practically any pub, as there is beer in almost every pub, but not everywhere the beer is of high quality. Where to go for good beer in Krakow? Where to go for craft beer in Krakow? Here are good beer bars and breweries for going out for an evening beer in Krakow.

Where to go for a Drink in Krakow? 10 Best Cocktail Bars

Krakow offers a multitude of different venues, some of them ideal for drinks. If you are coming to Krakow and wondering where to go for a drink in Krakow, we have compiled a list of interesting cocktail bars in the city centre around the Market Square and in Kazimierz in Krakow. Where to go for a drink? Where to go for cheap or good cocktails in Krakow? Here are some best atmospheric bars in Krakow.

How to Get To Zakrzowek, Krakow. Bus, Tram or Taxi?

Zakrzówek has been one of the major tourist attractions in Kraków for many years. The popularity of the place will further increase after the opening of the floating pools. Many people wonder how to get to Zakrzówek. How to get to Zakrzówek by bus or tram? How to get there? Let’s check the ways to get to Zakrzowek in Krakow.

Krakow Trumpet Call of St Mary’s. Where and When to Hear Mariakyrkan Song?

Krakow is famous for its many symbols. One of them is the trumpet call from St. Mary’s Tower. Where can you hear the trumpet-call from St. Mary’s Tower in Krakow? When is the trumpet-call called Hejnał? Why does the trumpet-call from St. Mary’s Tower suddenly stop? Today we check the history and legends related to one of the most famous melodies in Poland!

Can You Buy Drugs in Krakow? Are Drugs Legal in Poland?

Among frequently visited cities in Europe, several are famous for the fact that you can legally buy various recreational drugs. Is it the same in Krakow? Is cannabis legal in Krakow and Poland? Is it possible to buy drugs in Krakow? Are drugs legal in Poland? Is ganja legal?