Can You Buy Drugs in Krakow? Are Drugs Legal in Poland?

Among frequently visited cities in Europe, several are famous for the fact that you can legally buy various recreational drugs. Is it the same in Krakow? Is cannabis legal in Krakow and Poland? Is it possible to buy drugs in Krakow? Are drugs legal in Poland? Is ganja legal?

If you are wondering if you can legally buy drugs in Poland, the answer is no. The Polish drug law, which also applies to Krakow, is one of the most restrictive in Europe. In Poland it is illegal to possess and sell drugs, even marijuana or hashish. The use of drugs itself is not punishable, but in order to take them you must first… possess.

Many things are illegal but people do them anyway. It is the same with the subject of drugs. Can you buy drugs in Krakow? Yes, you can. There is a black market for the sale of drugs in Poland, but it is not as easily accessible as, for example, in Egypt or other attractive tourist countries.

Among tourist traps in Krakow you can also find attractive women encouraging to buy drugs but it is better not to buy drugs in Poland and especially not from unknown source.

If someone cheats you on selling fake or low quality drugs in Poland, you will not be able to go to the police and complain that you have been scammed. Remember that because drugs are illegal in Poland, it is better not to take any drugs with you on holiday in Krakow. If the services at the airport find marijuana or other substances, you could get into trouble while on holiday in Krakow!

Summary: Are drugs legal in Krakow and Poland? No, drugs are illegal in Poland. Even cannabis is not allowed to be sold here.

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