Nowa Huta Lagoon. How to Get There by Public Transport

The Nowohucki Lagoon is one of the few interesting attractions in Nowa Huta. The lagoon is not very favourably located so many people wonder how to get to the Nowa Huta Lagoon. Not everyone knows how to get to Zalew Nowohucki by public transport. Which tram to the lagoon? Which bus? Let’s find out!

In April 2023, getting to the Nowohucki Lagoon by public transport is not very easy because the stops are far from the lagoon. The situation is supposed to change, but until it does, you have to walk quite a long way from the bus stop.

The closest tram stop in the vicinity of Zalew Nowohucki is the bus stop on Bulwarowa Street through which lines 163 174 and 501 pass. Lines 123, 163 and 174 stop at the Bulwarowa Ogórki Działkowe 01 stop.

It is also possible to get there by tram, but you also have to walk a bit. Which tram? By tram going through Solidarności Avenue, i.e. numbers 4, 21, 22, getting off at the Struga stop and making a walk towards the lagoon.

The best way to get to the lagoon is by car. However, a tram stop is soon to be built closer to the lagoon.

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