Is There a KFC at Kraków Airport? Is There a KFC Restaurant?

Krakow Airport is one of the most popular airports in Poland and is visited by many people. Many travellers wonder if there is a KFC at Krakow Airport. Is there KFC at Krakow airport? Is there KFC at Balice? Let’s find out!

Krakow Airport has a wide range of restaurants and bars but is there a popular fast food outlet serving chicken among them? If you’re flying somewhere from Krakow and would like to have some KFC chicken, unfortunately you can’t eat it at the airport.

There are no KFC restaurants at Krakow airport. There are cafés and restaurants and, among others, a pancake bar, but no KFC here.

The KFC closest to Kraków Airport is located on the A4 motorway at the Mirowski Junction, approximately 6 kilometres from the airport.

Summary: Is there a KFC restaurant at Kraków-Balice airport? No, there is no KFC restaurant at Kraków Airport. There is no restaurant at the beginning of 2023 so if you are flying out of Krakow much later it may have already opened.

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