How Much is Breakfast in Krakow? Breakfast Price in Krakow

Many visitors to Krakow choose to enjoy cafes and restaurants in the city rather than rely on meals served in the hotel. Tourists often wonder how much breakfast costs in Krakow. How much do you have to pay for a good breakfast in the centre of Krakow?

According to many people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast is essential to start the day’s sightseeing in Krakow. How much does it cost in Krakow?

Breakfast offer is available in many cafes and restaurants in the centre of Krakow. You will pay about 80 zlotys for a high-class breakfast in a restaurant of a good hotel. This is the price for a full buffet with the possibility of ordering à la carte dishes and access to drinks, even including alcoholic beverages.

Ordering breakfast in a cafe or restaurant in the centre of Krakow is slightly cheaper. English breakfast or eggs benedict in a good restaurant in the centre of Krakow cost around 30-40 PLN. To this you need to add drinks such as coffee or a glass of wine. This means that breakfast near the Market Square in Krakow together with a drink will cost about 50-60 PLN per person.

Of course there are places where breakfasts in Krakow are cheaper. Quite cheap breakfasts under 30 PLN including coffee can be had for example in cafe Charlotte. Some tourists looking for an experience like the videos from the famous youtube channel Bald and Bankrupt go to so-called 'milk bars’ for breakfast. In such places, you will pay around 10-15 zlotys for breakfast.

Summary: How much does breakfast cost in Krakow? In cafes and restaurants breakfast for one person is about 30-50 PLN. In good high-class hotels buffet is about 80 zlotys, in worse hotels this type of breakfast can be even included in the price of stay, but its quality will not be very high.

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