Best Restaurants in Krakow with a View. Rooftop restaurants in Krakow

Many people visiting Krakow wonder where to go on the roof in Krakow. How to look at Kracow from the roof above? Let’s check where it is possible. Here are interesting places where the view on the city centre is really good. Of course, we mean places which are legal such as restaurants and cafes. Here are interesting sky bars with a view in Krakow.

Sky Bar Hotel Stary

There are only a few restaurants in Krakow with a rooftop view of the city. One of the viewing terraces located closer to Krakow’s Main Square is the Sky Bar of the Stary Hotel. The menu mainly includes drinks and beverages, but also, for example, desserts and finger food. The sky bar is open only in warm months from 12 pm to 11 pm. The bar is located on the seventh floor of the hotel building.


Roof Top Terrace & Lounge Bar

From the view of the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Church we move to another place with a different, but not at all worse view – Roof Top Terrace & Lounge Bar in the Sheraton Hotel offers a beautiful view of the Vistula river and Wawel Castle itself. Entrance to the premises through the hotel reception. Terrace on the 6th floor.


Sky Bar 5.floor

Another place where you can go out on the roof in Krakow is Sky Bar 5.floor located, for a change, in Kazimierz District at 12 Szeroka Street on top of the Rubinstein Hotel. Not many inhabitants and tourists know about the existence of this place so there are no crowds. Open from 12 to 9 pm.


Metrum Restobistro

This is a cheaper and much less exclusive offer with unsophisticated dishes that may not be to everyone’s taste. It is neither a typical sky bar nor a sophisticated restaurant. The dishes are rather simple, but it is possible to get on the roof to see the view. The restaurant is located on top of the Academy of Music (Akademia Muzyczna) building (Świętego Tomasza 43 Street). Unfortunately, only students and employees of the Academy can dine here, so double check if Metrum is open to outside visitors. During summer holidays, it usually is.

Restauracja Vidok

Where else can you go out on the roof in Krakow? The Vidok restaurant is located on top of one of the more controversial buildings in Krakow – Jubilat at Krasińskiego Avenue. From here we can see Wawel Castle, the Vistula River and Dębnicki Bridge. Menu includes roast beef, steaks, turkey or chicken breast. Open from 12:00 pm.

Zielone Tarasy

On Juliusz Słowackiego Alley there is a restaurant with a rather standard menu, but with a nice view. We are talking about the Zielone Tarasy restaurant. Similarly to the aforementioned restaurant on the roof of the Music Academy, also here in the menu you will not find anything particularly sophisticated or original. The menu offers simple and cheap dishes.

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