Is There Air Pollution in Krakow? Level and Rate in 2021/2022

Air pollution in Kraków and its level have been a problem in the city for many years. However, the situation is changing for the better. We will answer the question what is the level of pollution in Krakow and present the statistics of air pollution in Krakow in 2021 and the prospects for 2022.


Is there air pollution in Krakow?

It should be emphasized at the beginning that the situation has definitely improved in recent years thanks to the decisive and drastic moves of the authorities. On September 1, 2019, anti-smog resolution prohibiting the burning of coal and wood in the city was signed.

The region of Krakow, Nowy Targ and Nowy Sącz was one of the most polluted in Poland and this part of Europe. However, it is also worth mentioning that thanks to the early reaction of universities, the pollution statistics were calculated very early in comparison with Europe. In comparable Lombardy, you have much less particle sensors. Who knows what other regions in Europe have a similar or worse air condition, but do not monitor it.

It does not change the fact that on the worst days of winter, usually in January and February, air pollution affects the people of Krakow. It reaches even 1400% of the WHO standard. Because of the Krakow placement between small hills, all the pollution from neighbouring villages goes to Krakow, the situation is also made worse by the lack of wind and very low temperatures. Fortunately, there are fewer such days and we can say that Krakow is recovering from the smog.

The Krakow agglomeration obtained a better result than the Warsaw agglomeration (1,723,000 114 kg of PM10), the Tricity agglomeration (1,185,000 16 kg) or Opole (778,000 287 kg).


Air pollution in Krakow in 2022

air pollution levels in Krakow

Air pollution in Krakow in 2022

We estimate that in 2022 there will be a much better situation with smog in Krakow. Over the years, the number of days with PM10 particles concentration above the permissible level has decreased from 104 in 2018, 64 in 2019 and 49 in 2020. This means that the number of days with dangerous levels of particles in the air was reduced by more than a half. It’s not even case for better weather in the area, because other cities in region had same results like years before.

There are a lot of apps to check air pollution in Krakow levels. Check kanarek app or website.


Do I need mask in Krakow?

In general, you do not need masks, but if the air reaches some unprecedented levels, it is worth having and taking with you to Krakow such a mask to protect against air pollution.


Air pollution in Krakow in November

November is one of the best periods in winter in Krakow in terms of air pollution, although due to the heating season, the differences are small.


Air Pollution, december in Krakow

It is a bit worse than in November, the number of days with dangerous levels of air pollution may be higher.


Air pollution in Krakow in January

This, together with February, is the worst moment when it comes to air in Krakow.


Air pollution in Krakow in February

It’s the same as January, a hard time for clean air lovers in Krakow. Often in Krakow then, days of free public transport are organized to choose tram over car.


To summarize, is air pollution a problem in Krakow? Yes.

Is it getting better? Also yes!

Can I travel to Krakow in winter safely? Ofcourse – air pollution is not permanent state, it is only a problem on specific days.

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