Where to Eat in Krakow? Best Restaurants from Michelin Guide

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of restaurants in Krakow but only a few can boast a really high standard. Many of Krakow’s establishments are just tourist traps. If you want to find out what the best restaurants in Krakow are, it is worth checking which restaurants in Krakow have been awarded in the Michelin Guide? Here is a list of restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide to Krakow. Dining in some of the best restaurants in Krakow does not have to be expensive at all!


Nota_Resto (plate)

Nota_Resto by Tomasz Leśniak on św. Krzyrza street (St. Cross Street) is a moderately priced place. You can eat here, among other things, pierogi, pasta, steaks or poultry. The restaurant’s advantage is a wide selection of various wines and interesting interiors. The restaurant is owned by Tomasz Leśniak, widely known as the chef of the Polish national football team. The restaurant’s kitchen is connected with another, less formal venue – Bistro Bene. Nota_Resto was awarded the plate in the Michelin Guide. First courses here cost around 50 zlotys (10.5 EUR or 9.30 GBP), main courses around 70 zlotys (15 EUR or 13 GBP) (omitting the slightly more expensive beef tenderloin).


Zazie (Bib Gourmand)

In the former Jewish quarter at 34 Józefa Street, there is another Cracovian establishment included in the prestigious group of Michelin Guide honours. It is a restaurant in the Bib Gourmand category (i.e. an accolade for really good food at a low price) and one set of cutlery. Zazie Bistro is a well-known spot in Kraków, offering high-quality French cuisine at low prices. From Tuesday to Friday, lunch with a starter, main course and dessert for just 43 PLN (EUR 9.10 or 8 GBP).

Main courses cost between 45 and 70 PLN (from EUR 9.5 or 8.4 GBP to EUR 14.8 or GBP 13), so it’s not expensive. At weekends and in the evenings, it is better to book a table as the restaurant is very popular.


Karakter (plate)

The Karakter meat restaurant, located in the former Jewish district of Kazimierz, is not a restaurant for everyone, as the menu features some rather unconventional combinations which require a lot of courage on first visit. We are talking about dishes as shocking at first sight as calf’s brains pate or horse thymus. There are also more standard dishes such as burgers and fish. The restaurant is distinguished by a plate with one set of cutlery. It is a fairly cheap restaurant with a not very formal atmosphere. For a main course here you pay in the region of EUR 10.50 or GBP 9.3.


Pod Różą (plate)

The Pod Różą restaurant is located a few steps from Krakow’s Main Market Square at 14 Floriańska St. It is a place distinguished by a plate and two sets of cutlery. The Pod Różą in the courtyard of the Hotel Pod Różą serves both a tasting menu and à la carte dishes. In terms of cuisine, meat dishes such as local roast beef dominate. The biggest advantage here is the lunch menu served all days of the week, consisting of a tray of starters, main course and dessert, which costs just 79 PLN (EUR 16.7 or 14.7 GBP)! The à la carte dishes cost no more than PLN 95 for the beef roast beef. The restaurant has a wide selection of wine. This is one of our favourite restaurants in Krakow.

Kogel Mogel (plate)

The Kogel Mogel restaurant at 12 Sienna Street is for fans of decent local Polish cuisine. The menu ranges from uncomplicated and unsophisticated dishes such as żurek (sour soup) or barszcz czerwony (red borscht) to pikeperch with crawfish sauce, duck, goose or beef. The restaurant is distinguished by its really nice interior and is cheap. Main courses cost between PLN 56 and PLN 94 for a steak with boletus and cauliflower puree.


Hana Sushi (plate)

If you are interested in Japanese cuisine, you will also find something among the best restaurants in Krakow. Hana Sushi in Kazimierz is a restaurant distinguished by a plate with one set of cutlery. The menu includes, as the name suggests, sushi, but also dumplings, salads, soups and Japanese main courses. Main course costs around GPB 9.30 or EUR 10.6.


Amarylis (plate)

A little further away from the tourist routes of the Old Town or Kazimierz in Krakow at Dietla Street 60 is the cosy Amarylis restaurant, which serves some of the cheaper tasting sets in Krakow and à la carte dishes. The menu includes fish, rabbit, pretzel, veal and beef tenderloin definitely cheaper than at the Main Market Square itself. The restaurant is distinguished by a plate with two sets of cutlery. A 4-course tasting menu costs PLN 290 and a 6-course menu costs PLN 350 here (EUR 61.50 or 53.9 GBP and EUR 74.2 or GBP 65).


Farina (plate)

Farina is for people who enjoy Italian or Polish cuisine especially seafood and fish. The menu includes sturgeon caviar, seafood, octopus, baked fish and many other items such as beef tenderloin or duck for those who don’t like fish. Prices reasonable from PLN 44 to PLN 150 for beef tenderloin steak with foie gras. The restaurant, located on St Mark’s Street, is distinguished by a plate with one set of cutlery.

Albertina (plate)

Albertina is the place to go for one of Krakow’s cheaper 7-course tasting menus, which cost just 380 PLN here, as well as à la carte dishes. The restaurant can be recommended to fans of lobster, but not only. Wine connoisseurs will also be satisfied. Albertina at pl. Dominikański also tempts with its really nice interiors. The restaurant is distinguished by a plate with two sets of cutlery. Main courses on the menu here cost between 75 and 170 PLN for Argentinean beef tenderloin with trulli and potatoes.


Szara (plate)


One of the most interesting restaurants in Kraków is Szara located on the Main Market Square. The restaurant operates in a famous tenement house in which there was a very famous and highly regarded colonial shop before the war. The restaurant has appeared several times in the list prepared by Michelin. The menu features Polish cuisine with Swedish elements. Atmosphere at a high level although the restaurant does not require you to dress in a dinner jacket or a tailcoat. This is one of our favourite restaurants in Krakow but be careful! Waiters here try to force you to pay a tip in the amount they set themselfs!


Szara Kazimierz (talerz)


The second establishment under the same brand is located in the former Jewish quarter of Kazimierz. The place is slightly less lavish than the restaurant on the Market Square, but there is no problem with extortionate tipping here. The menu is similar but slightly wider and enriched with cheaper dishes such as Russian dumplings. The advantage of Szara in Kazimierz is the slightly lower prices and the lunch menu, which means that a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant will not break your budget at all and you will eat under EUR 10.


Bottigliera 1881 (1 gwiazdka)

Thanks to the latest edition of the Michelin Guide, this establishment in Kazimierz has become probably the most famous restaurant in Krakow. It is the first restaurant in Kraków to be awarded a Michelin Star, or to be more precise, a Star and 2 sets of cutlery. The restaurant at 5 Bocheńska Street in Kazimierz serves a la carte dishes and a tasting menu. On Fridays and Saturdays, only the tasting menu, which is not very expensive – it costs PLN 450 (EUR 95 or 84 GBP) +12.5% for service for a 12-course set and PLN 410 for a 10-course set.


Fiorentina (Bib Gourmand)

Fiorentina is another establishment belonging to the popular Krakow restaurant chain. The restaurant, located at 63 Grodzka Street, not far from the Main Market Square, was distinguished in the Bib Gourmand category and received two sets of cutlery. There is a 5 or 7-course tasting menu, as well as Polish dishes on the menu. Prices do not differ from other good restaurants in the centre of Krakow.


3 Rybki (talerz)

One of the best restaurants in Krakow. 3 Rybki at 5 Szczepańska is an elegant establishment slightly more expensive than most on the list. Situated right next to the Market Square, the restaurant serves a 6-course tasting menu and a la carte dishes such as meat or fish. Noteworthy is the very extensive wine list. The restaurant is distinguished by a plate with two sets of cutlery. The tasting menu here costs just PLN 350 or EUR 74 or £ 65.


Pod Nosem (talerz)

At 22 Kanonicza Street, the Pod Nosem restaurant offers, among other things, caviar and Polish dishes such as guinea fowl and veal. The restaurant offers a large selection of wines and cigars. The restaurant is distinguished by a plate and cutlery set in red.

ZaKładka (talerz)

Another place awarded with a plate with a set of cutlery is Zakładka at 2 Józefińska St. On the menu, there are pasta, moules, seafood or meat. The atmosphere is slightly worse than in more exclusive places, but the prices in the bistro are lower than in the centre of Krakow. Main courses here cost around PLN 50, which is in the region of EUR 10.60 or GBP 9.


Copernicus (talerz)

The restaurant of one of the best hotels in Krakow has been included in our list of places to have lunch in Krakow because a 3-course lunch can be had here for as little as 89 PLN. There are also 5 (240 PLN), 7 (330 PLN) or 9-course tasting menus (420 PLN) which are reasonably priced for this type of meal in Krakow. The restaurant is proud to have hosted the current King of Great Britain, King Charles III.

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