Is Krakow a Big City? How Big Is Krakow?

Many tourists planning a holiday in Krakow wonder whether Krakow is a big city. Located in the south of Poland in Europe, is Krakow a big city? Is Krakow a big city? Let us find out!

If we look at Krakow from the Polish perspective, we have to admit that it is a big city. Officially, there are more than 766,000 people living in Krakow, unofficially perhaps even around a million (including students, people not registered as citizens of Krakow and immigrants from Ukraine).

Krakow is therefore the second largest city in Poland in terms of population. Only the Polish capital Warsaw is bigger.

In terms of geographical size, Krakow covers an area of 327 square kilometres (126.255 sq miles). In comparison, the size of Prague is 496 square kilometres (, Berlin 892 square kilometres and London 1572 square kilometres.

In terms of area, Krakow is a small city, and its historic centre enclosed in the Old Town, Kazimierz and Podgórze districts is even smaller, making it sufficient to walk to see the attractions in Krakow.

Summary: Is Krakow big? By the standards of Western Europe, Asia or the United States, Krakow is a very small city with a small area and a small population. Not even a million inhabitants live in Krakow! However, it is one of the largest cities in Poland. Krakow is the second largest city in Poland in terms of both area and population.

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