Is Krakow Walkable? Walking Around Krakow

Many tourist cities in Europe are large metropolises which are quite difficult to explore on foot. Many people planning a trip to Krakow wonder whether Krakow is a city that can be visited on foot. How to visit Krakow? Is it possible to walk around it? Is Krakow walkable?

The tourist centre of Krakow is quite small compared to big cities such as Paris, London, Rome or Barcelona. When travelling to Krakow, there is no need to worry about long distances to cover.

Most of Krakow’s interesting attractions are located in the Old Town district, which is not very large.

The famous Barbican on one side of the Old Town is only about 1.2 kilometres from the next big attraction, the Wawel Royal Castle. All other major attractions and monuments such as St Mary’s Church, the Cloth Hall and the Market Square are on the way.

The only attractions that are far from the centre but not often visited are places such as Kościuszko Mound, Błonia or Jordan Park. Even the party district of Kazimierz, where the only attractions are restaurants and bars, can be reached in a few minutes from the Main Square.

Tourists coming to Krakow often visit also the Salt Mines in Wieliczka near Krakow and the former Auschwitz concentration camp in Oswiecim – these are the only attractions to which one has to drive either by public transport or by a hired car or taxi.

To sum up: Krakow is one of the smaller tourist cities and can easily be explored on foot. Most of the major attractions are available within walking distance.

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