Is There a Red Light District in Krakow? Where is it?

In many tourist cities around the world, in addition to attractions such as museum visits, there are other attractions – those for adults which are usually enjoyed at night. There are so called Red Light Districts in various cities, including the most famous one in Amsterdam. Tourists going to Krakow often wonder if there is a Red Light District in Krakow. Is there, and if so, where is the Red Light District in Krakow?

If you are looking for a Red Light District where you can make love then unfortunately there is none in Krakow. There are a few streets in the centre where you can find working girls – these are easy to find around Długa Street and Szlak Street and also Stary Kleparz Square but this is not a typical Red Light District and it is better to look for love somewhere else.

In the centre of Krakow there are no clubs with dances you know very well. Those located outside the Old Town are a popular tourist trap so it is better to look for working girls in Krakow on your own.

Most tourists visiting Krakow look for advertisements of working girls on the internet on the few websites available. Girls provide their services in rented flats or premises hidden in different parts of the city.

Other tourists choose to meet girls for free in clubs and other places in Krakow. Rumour has it that being a foreigner it is very easy to pick up a Polish girl even using Tinder app.

Summary: Is there a Red Light District in Krakow? No, Krakow is a city located in a rather conservative country in which the existence of such a district would cause scandal.

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