Is Krakow a Good Place to Visit? Is it a Good City Break?

There are many interesting cities in Europe, perfect for a short city break. Is Krakow a place worth visiting? Is Krakow a good place for a city break? Let us check it out!

If you are wondering whether it is worth coming to Cracow, the answer to this question is: it is rather worth it. Krakow is the most attractive tourist city in Poland. Poland is still much cheaper than Great Britain, the Netherlands or Germany. This means that city break in Krakow is really not very expensive.

Krakow is well connected with many airports across Europe. It is easy to get to Krakow airport from many major Western European cities, and the flight is short. Getting from the airport to the centre of Krakow is also quite easy.

Krakow is one of the safer tourist cities – here we wrote about whether it is safe in Krakow. Although Poland is a cheap country and more backward than Western Europe, the level of service in restaurants and hotels in Krakow is very good.

There are many good restaurants in Krakow, including even a Michelin starred restaurant, many clubs, museums and other attractions. Most of the sights worth seeing in Krakow are located in the city centre and are easy to reach on foot.

How many days should I stay in Krakow? If you are planning a citybreak for a few days, Krakow is a good place. It’s definitely not a good city to live or work in but it’s fine for a short holiday or party. If you want to stay somewhere longer you should consider other more interesting destinations.

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