Is Poland Bigger Than UK?

Krakow and Poland are places often visited by tourists from the UK. Many people who decide to travel to Poland wonder if Poland is bigger than the UK. Is Poland bigger? How many people live in Poland?

If you are wondering whether Poland is bigger than the UK then the answer to this question is: it depends. It depends whether you take into account the area of the country or its population.

In terms of surface area, the UK covers 242,495 square kilometres and Poland covers 312,679 square kilometres. This means that Poland is 70184 square kilometres larger than the UK. Despite its large area, Poland is a small country in terms of population.

The UK is home to over 67 million people, while Poland is home to just under 38 million. The Polish capital Warsaw has just 1.765 million inhabitants, while London has 8.982 million!

To sum up: is Poland bigger than the UK? In terms of area – yes, in terms of population Poland is definitely smaller.

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