How Much is Tram, Bus Ticket in Krakow? How Much for a Mothly Ticket?

If you come to Krakow, most of the attractions and monuments can be visited on foot, but if you decide to use public transport in Krakow, you may wonder how much the tickets cost. How much does a tram ticket cost in Krakow? How much does a bus ticket in Krakow cost? How much do you have to pay for a monthly ticket for public transport in Krakow? Let us check it out!

Public transport in Krakow is not the cheapest for ordinary Poles, but for visitors from abroad it is very cheap. Tickets for public transport cost the same whether you choose tram or bus. With temporary tickets in Krakow you can change freely between buses and trams. How much do you have to pay for a ticket?

Public transport tickets in Krakow are divided into different prices. A 20 minute ticket costs 4 zlotys (about 0.90 EUR). A 60 minute ticket costs 6 zlotys (about 1.35 EUR). A 60 minute ticket can be used to change means of transport within 60 minutes of punching it or for one journey lasting longer than 60 minutes using only one tram or bus line.

A 90-minute ticket costs 8 zlotys. An interesting solution is a 70-minute ticket for 7 PLN (about 1.55 EUR). This ticket can also be used on trains operated by Koleje Małopolskie. How much do monthly tickets cost? A monthly ticket for one line costs PLN 54 (about 12 EUR) for holders of a Krakow Card or 80 PLN (about 17.50 EUR) without a Krakow Card. A monthly ticket for Zone I costs 80 or PLN 148 respectively.

Travel agencies may offer special tickets for tourists, the so-called Krakow Tourist Card, which allows for multiple travel in all zones of public transport. The cost of such a ticket is 17 PLN (about 3.75 EUR) for one day, 45 PLN (about 10 EUR) for two days and 50 PLN (11 EUR) for three days.

Is it worth using public transport in Krakow?

If you want to use public transport in Krakow for a single journey, it is much more economical to use a ride-sharing service such as Uber or Bolt. The price of a ride in Krakow is rarely more than around 20-30 PLN, and a one hour public transport ticket for 3 people is almost the same cost. Other convenient ways to get around Krakow are described in the article how to get around Krakow.

Price list which we describe is valid in 2022. If you are reading this text later, the prices may be higher because the public transport ticket price increases in Krakow are frequent.

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