Where is Krakow Christmas Market? Location of Christmas Market in Krakow

The Christmas Market is one of the biggest attractions in Krakow during the Christmas and New Year period. Many tourists coming to Krakow for the first time wonder where the Christmas Market in Krakow is. Where to find the Christmas stalls in Krakow? Let’s check it out!

Many European cities have not just one, but several or even more than a dozen Christmas markets. Unlike many cities in Europe such as Vienna or Berlin, Krakow only has one Christmas market.

You don’t have to look too long to find a Christmas market in Krakow. Why? Because Christmas market in Krakow is held in the very centre of the city.

Stalls selling souvenirs, food and Christmas decorations in Krakow are set up in the Market Square itself, near the statue of the poet Adam Mickiewicz, right next to the Cloth Hall on the city’s main square.

If the Christmas market in Krakow is organised in 2022 it will also take place on the Market Square in Krakow. If you go to the Christmas market on Krakow’s main square, pay special attention to the food on sale here. The prices at the stalls with simple dishes can be as high as in the good restaurants on the main square in Krakow.

Tourists visiting the market are warned, however, that not everything at the Krakow fair is worth it’s the price…

If you are heading to Krakow in Poland over Christmas, we recommend reading our article on attractions in Krakow at Christmas. Apart from the Christmas market there is plenty to do and see!

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