Krakow Museums Open on Monday. What’s Open on Monday?

In addition to its beautiful architecture and famous monuments, Krakow is famous for its rich museum offer. Unfortunately many of the museums in Krakow are closed on Mondays. Many people wonder which museums in Krakow are open on Mondays. Which museum is open on Monday in Krakow? Let’s check it out!

Unfortunately in most of the well-known museums in Krakow Monday is the day when these museums are closed. This is for example the case with many branches of the National Museum. Fortunately, some museums are open. We only list the „non-commercial” museums. The commercial ones are usually open throughout the week.

Among the museums that are open on Mondays in Krakow are several branches of the Krakow Museum, i.e. museums such as:
City Hall Tower on the Main Square 1;
Rynek Underground on the Main Square (entrance in the Cloth Hall);
Old Synagogue, 24 Szeroka Street;
Oskar Schindler’s Emalia Factory, 4 Lipowa Street.

In the above-mentioned museums open on Mondays, in most cases Monday is additionally a free visit day. However, it is worth remembering that in most museums in Poland, Monday is a day on which the collections are not open to the public.

Also open on Mondays in Krakow are some of the exhibitions located at Wawel Castle, as well as Wawel Cathedral. Museums open on Monday in Krakow include some branches of the Museum of History of Photography, as well as Kopiec Kościuszki. Most of the most popular ones, however, are closed on Monday.

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