Is There a Metro in Krakow? Subway, Underground in Krakow

In many large developed cities, the easiest way to get around is to take the metro. Many people planning a holiday in Krakow wonder if there is a metro in Krakow. Is there a metro in Krakow? How much does the metro in Krakow cost? Let’s check out the topic of the Krakow metro

Budapest, Berlin, Paris, London or Amsterdam. In most big tourist cities the easiest and the cheapest way to get around the city is the metro. If you are wondering whether there is a metro in Krakow, we have the answer for you. Unfortunately, the answer is not optimistic…

Krakow, despite being the second largest city in Poland, does not have a metro. Unfortunately, there is no metro in Krakow and it is unlikely that there will ever be one. A few years ago in a referendum the citizens of Krakow voted for a metro, but there is no indication that a real metro will ever be built in the city.

The only forms of public transport in Kraków are trams and buses. There is no underground metro which, for example, takes you from the airport to the centre of Krakow.

In Krakow, however, there are absurd plans to build tram lines to pretend to be underground. Such things only happen in Krakow!

Those who want to travel in comfort should use Uber or Bolt. We have also previously written about taxis in Krakow.

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