How Much Are Cigarettes in Poland in Krakow? Prices 2022

Poland is famous for having much lower prices than the developed Western European countries. Before going on holiday to Poland and Krakow, many people wonder how much cigarettes are priced in Poland. What are cigarette prices in Poland? How much are cigarettes in Krakow? Let’s check prices in shops.

Cigarette prices in Poland must be the same whether you buy from a kiosk, a larger supermarket or a petrol station shop. Watch out if someone wants to sell you a pack of cigarettes at a higher price than the one printed on the foil at the bottom of the pack or wants to sell you a pack of cigarettes with a lighter or matches. It’s a tourist trap and illegal behavior.

The cheapest cigarettes such as LD, RGD, Parliament, Chesterfield and P&S do not cost more than 14-14.50 PLN per pack (3.10-3.20 EUR or 2.65-2,75 GBP)

Prodcuts from better-known brands such as Camel, L&M, Pall Mall and Vogue cost about 15-16 PLN per pack (3.32-3.55 EUR or 2.85-3.04 GBP).

Among the most expensive cigarettes, such as Marlboro or Davidoff, prices are slightly higher. A pack of these recognised cigarettes costs between 16 and 18 PLN per pack (3.55-3.75 EUR or 3.04-3.24 GBP).

As you can see, cigarette prices in Poland are considerably lower than in the UK, Norway, Germany or in different countries of the European Union.. One can venture to say that, as with beer prcices, cigarette prices in Krakow and Poland are among the lowest in the entire European Union. Cheaper tobacco products in Europe can only be expected in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

If you want to buy some before leaving Poland it’s worth bearing in mind that when returning from a trip from Poland to a non-EU country there may be different limits on cigarette imports set by individual local authorities. Customs limits for cigarette imports from Poland are therefore best checked on the official website of the national border services.

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