Best and Popular Vodka in Poland. What Vodka to Buy in Krakow? TOP 7

Poland is famous for producing vodka and Poles are famous for drinking vodka. No wonder that many tourists ask themselves which vodka to try in Poland. If you are going to visit Krakow, we present a list of Polish vodkas which are worth trying and buying. Which is the best Polish vodka? What vodka to buy in Poland? What vodka to try in Poland? How much alcohol does Polish vodka have? Let’s find out!


One of the most popular Polish vodkas known as Bison Vodka or Bison Grass Vodka is a vodka made from rye with an alcohol content of 37.5%. The bottles feature a distinctive blade of grass known in the UK as holy grass. In Poland, it is popular to consume Żubrówka vodka as a drink with apple juice. A half-litre bottle of Żubrówka costs around PLN 35. This is one of the cheaper vodkas.


Krupnik is an old Polish liqueur with a honey and spice flavour, but you can also buy a popular pure vodka with 40% alcohol under the name Krupnik. There are also flavoured vodkas in the shops: walnut, lemon, plum, cherry and quince. This is a lower-middle-range vodka priced at around 25-30 zlotys for a half-litre bottle.


Czysta Vodka Starogradzka is one of the cheapest vodkas in Poland, priced at around 25 PLN for a half-litre bottle. The alcohol content is 40%. This vodka is best suited to drinks because its taste is quite debatable.


Siwucha is a mid-range vodka costing around 40 zlotys a bottle and is one of the oldest vodkas in Poland. Unlike most vodkas, this one is closed not with a cap but with a cork wood cork. The alcohol content is 40% and it is only available in half-litre bottles. The drink is produced on the basis of Polish fruit and has a characteristic taste.

J.A Baczewski

The famous brand of Polish vodka was established in Lwów in 1782. After Lwów was taken from Poland, the brand disappeared from the market but returned a few years ago. Today it is produced according to the old recipe by a company run by the heirs of the pre-war manufactory. It also sells flavoured vodkas, gin and whisky. The cost of J.A. Baczewski Vodka Monopolowa is around 50-55 zlotys. Here you can read polish article about history of the Baczewski’s family.


A very exclusive Polish vodka made from potatoes is Chopin. Gourmets appreciate Chopin for its mild and smooth taste. Choin is popular in the United States and the UK where a 0.7 litre bottle costs around £38. It is slightly cheaper in Poland. The cost of a bottle of Potato Chopin 0.7 in Poland is around 160 zlotys (£30). Note: when buying Chopin, choose bottles with a black label. Those with a red one are cheaper grain vodka.


Belvedere is one of the most famous and luxurious Polish vodkas. Four times distilled rye vodka is valued for its delicate taste with notes of rye and vanilla. The bottle features an image of the Polish presidential palace – Belweder. The cost of a 0.7 litre bottle of Belvedere vodka is approximately PLN 120-150.

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