Can I Use Euros in Krakow, Poland? Can I Pay in Euro?

Poland has been a member of the European Union for many years now, so many tourists wonder whether it is possible to pay in euro in Krakow in Poland. Can you use Euro in shops in Krakow? Let us check.

Poland has been a member of the European Union for many years. It joined the EU on 1 May 2004. Unfortunately, over these years, Poland still does not use the convenient European currency of the euro. Poland is one of the European Union countries which have not decided to use the common currency – euro (EUR). Can you pay in euro in Krakow?

Euro is not an official currency in Poland, but it is widely accepted in places such as petrol stations, motorway gates, hotels and shops. In many places in Poland it is therefore possible to settle the bill by paying in euro, but it is better not to do so. Why not?

If we want to pay in euros in Poland in a shop or at a petrol station or elsewhere, the seller will usually offer us a very unfavourable exchange rate between the zloty and the euro. It is also important to remember that when paying in Poland in euro notes or coins, the change that will be paid to us will be paid in zloty at the same, usually unfavourable, exchange rate. We will not receive change in Euros from the cashier!

In view of these facts, it is therefore worth considering whether it is worth paying in euro in Poland. Of course, there are situations in which we may have no other choice, but it is better not to lead to them.

The exchange rate in a currency exchange office, even if it does not offer a very favourable rate for exchanging euro into zloty, will usually be more favourable than the rate in a shop or at a petrol station. So it is better to exchange euro into zlotys at an exchange office and only then to go shopping.

Summary: Is it possible to pay in euros in Poland? The euro is accepted in Poland in many places, but the exchange rate is usually very unfavourable. Unless there is an urgent need to pay in euro in cash, it is better to go to an exchange office and exchange money first.

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