Do They Speak English in Krakow and Poland?

The Polish language is one of the more difficult languages. Learning Polish is of no use anyway, which is why many tourists who come to Krakow wonder whether they speak English in Krakow. How is it with knowing English in Poland? Do The Speak English in Krakow?

Do they speak English in Krakow? There is no clear answer to this question. Here is why.

In theory, Poles do quite well in English. In the 2021 EF English Proficiency Index, Poland was ranked 16th out of 112 countries surveyed.

The level of English proficiency among those surveyed is therefore quite good. However, this does not mean that they speak English everywhere in Kraków and Poland.

In Krakow we can get along in English in good shops, shopping malls or restaurants and hotels. There are no problems here.

If we approach younger inhabitants of Poland and Krakow, we will also get along with them in English. It can be assumed that people up to the age of 40 speak English to a greater or lesser extent. Older Polak speaks Russian rather than English.

However, if you move away from the centre of Krakow and want to do your shopping in a local shop, stay in an inferior hotel, go to an inferior restaurant far from the centre or want to do your shopping in a bazaar, you can hardly expect to be able to start a conversation in English there.

The same applies to smaller towns. In the Polish countryside and in small towns communicating in English may be difficult.

Summary: Do they speak English in Krakow? Do they speak English in Poland? In museums, restaurants, hotels or good shops the staff will speak English. The further away from the centre and the older a Polak is, the less likely he or she is to understand English.

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