Do You Tip in Poland? Do you Tip in Krakow?

Poland and Krakow has for many years been one of the most popular holiday destinations. Every year, a great many tourists fly to Krakow for holidays. Some of them wonder whether they tip in Poland. Do you tip in Krakow and Warsaw in Poland? What are the rules on leaving tips in Poland? Is tipping compulsory? Who do you tip in Poland? Let’s find out!

If you are going to Krakow or Warsaw and are wondering whether they tip in Poland, we have an answer for you: There are countries in the world where tipping is not in good taste and can even be treated as an insult, but Poland is not one of them. In Poland you do tip, but not everyone and not always.

There is no obligation to leave a tip in Poland. Service deserves a tip if the level of service was unexpectedly good or our non-standard expectations were met. All people working in customer service earn a decent wage paid by their employer. It is customary in Poland to tip only waiters, cleaners or Uber drivers. In other industries, tipping is not customary in Poland.

How To Tip In Poland?

How much do you have to tip in Poland? What is a good tip in Poland? The generally accepted norm for tipping in Poland is between 5 and 10% of the order value. Most often in Poland, when leaving a tip, the bill is simply rounded up. With, for example, 95 zloty to pay, Poles tip 5 zloty when paying with a 100 zloty banknote.

It is worth noting that tipping in Poland is a discretionary matter and beware of restaurants where waiters force you to leave a tip in an amount set by… the waiter. Such restaurants prey on tourists and are tourist traps, which can be found, for example, at the Main Market Square in Krakow.

In summary: do you tip in Poland? In some industries such as waiters, drivers or cleaners – yes. The usual amount of a tip in Poland is to increase the bill upwards to an equal amount or 10% of the bill.

Do you tip hairdressers in Poland? No. Do you tip tattoo artists in Poland? No.

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