Is There a Dress Code in Poland? Is There in Krakow?

Many tourists going to Poland and Krakow for the first time wonder if there is a dress code in Poland. Are there any clothes that should be worn in Poland? Are there any outfits to avoid in Poland? How do they dress in Poland? Let’s find out!

If you are going to Poland and are wondering if you need to pack any particular type of clothes for your trip, we have an answer for you: no, you don’t.

Poland, despite being a poor country, is a country of the European Union, of western culture. The clothes worn in Krakow or Warsaw are no different from those of Berlin, Vienna or Barcelona.

Poland is a Catholic country, so there is no need to pack a burqa, a hijab or to cover the hair in the case of women. When it comes to dressing in Poland, the standards are the same as in Western countries. The same rules apply when it comes to dressing for a job interview, a cafe date or going to the opera or a ball.

The only places in Poland where you should pay attention to your clothes are Roman Catholic churches, Jewish synagogues and the popular tourist attraction – the former Auschwitz concentration camp. Elsewhere in Poland, we dress the same as in other Western European or Anglo-Saxon countries.

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