Florian Gate Krakow Ticket. The City Walls of Krakow entrance fee

The Florianska Gate is one of the most characteristic and famous buildings in Krakow. Many people planning a trip to Krakow wonder if it is possible to visit the Florianska Gate and, if so, how much it costs to visit. Are there tickets to the Florian Gate? What does their price list look like? Let’s find out!

The Florian Gate is a remnant of the medieval walls of the city of Krakow. As the name suggests, it is a gate, so you can pass through it. Passing through the Florianska Gate is completely free and there is no price list.

When passing through the Florian Gate, it is worth noting the classicist altar located in the passageway with a copy of the painting of Our Lady of the Sands, the relief of the Piast Eagle designed by Jan Matejko and the relief of St. Florian located above the entrance.

Can the gate itself be visited? If you are interested in visiting Krakow’s medieval fortifications, it is possible. The Krakow Museum has in its programme the so-called Defence Route, which includes the Defence Walls with preserved towers, the Barbican and the Celestat located in the Rifleman’s Park.

The cost of visiting the Defence Trail is 14 zlotys for a normal ticket, 10 zlotys for a reduced ticket and 28 zlotys for a family ticket. The price list is valid at the time of publication of this text, so if you are reading this a long time after its first publication, it is worth checking the price list on the official website of the Museum of Krakow.

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