How Long is the Loop Around Błonia in Kraków? Perimeter of Błonia Kraków

Błonia in Krakow is a popular recreational area for the city’s residents and tourists. It is a vast green area, located in the centre of Krakow, which attracts many runners, cyclists and inline skaters. Many people who do sports and run around Błonia wonder how big the loop around Błonia is. What is the perimeter of Błonia? How much are Krakow’s Błonia? How many hectares do they have and what is their perimeter? Let’s find out!

The loop around Błonia used by runners, walkers, cyclists, scooterists and others has a circumference of 3.64 kilometres (2.26 miles). The route leads through 3 Maja Avenue, Focha Avenue, then along Na Błoniach Street and Piastowska Street.

It is worth noting, however, that the actual surface of Błonia itself has a slightly smaller circumference of around 3,500 metres. Many people also wonder what the area of Błonia in Krakow is. The surface area of Błonia in Krakow is 48 hectares (118.61 acres).

Summary: How much is the loop around Błonia? What is the distance around Błonia in Kraków? The loop around Błonia is about 3.64 kilometres long, and the surface of Błonia itself has a perimeter of about 3,500 metres. Błonia in Krakow is the perfect place to be active outdoors while enjoying the beautiful views of Krakow.

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