Krakow Altitude Above Sea Level. Highest and Lowest Points

Krakow is a beautiful city located in southern Poland. Many people wonder how many metres above sea level Krakow is. How high is Krakow? At what altitude is Krakow located? What is the highest point in Kraków? What is the lowest point in Kraków? Is Krakow in the mountains? Are there mountains in Krakow? Let’s find out!

Krakow lies on the border of several geographical regions: Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, Sandomierska Valley and Zachodniobeskidzkie Foothills. As a result, the city has a very varied terrain, with numerous hills and valleys. The highest natural hill in Kraków is Sowiniec, a hill of the Sowiniec Range reaching 358 metres above sea level.

On top of the Sowiniec, the Piłsudski Mound was built between the wars; its peak reaches 383.6 metres above sea level and is the highest place in Krakow.

The lowest-lying areas of Krakow are those to the east of the city, which are less than 200 metres above sea level. The lowest point in Krakow is the estuary of the Kościelnicki Stream into the Vistula River at 188 metres above sea level. Krakow’s altitude ranges from 188 to 383 metres above sea level.

Krakow is one of the highest cities in Poland, which affects the climate and landscape. The varying altitude above sea level makes the city very picturesque and touristic. The altitude also influences the temperatures and weather conditions in Krakow.

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