Did Poland Win the World Cup? Was it World Football Champion?

Polish football is what it is, but it once stood at a much higher level. Many young fans who do not remember the championships of previous years wonder if Poland once won the World Cup. Was Poland once world champion? Did it once reach for the highest trophy? Let’s find out!

On the occasion of the Polish national team’s participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches, many people are wondering if the Polish national team has ever been a champion. Has Poland ever won the World Cup?

No, in the history of official World Cup football competitions held since 1930, Poland has never reached the top position. So what was the best result for the Polish team in the history of the championship?

The record-breaking result of the Polish national team was achieved during the 1974 World Cup and in 1982, when Polish players reached the 3rd step of the podium. In 1974, the teams of West Germany and the Netherlands were better than Poland, and in 1982 Poland finished third behind the victorious Italians and the German team which came second.

Summary: Did Poland win the World Cup? In the history of official World Cup competitions, Poland has never finished first and therefore has never been the football world champion.

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