ZOO Krakow Access by Public Transport. Which Bus to Krakow Zoo?

The Krakow Zoo is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city of Krakow. Krakow Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Poland and is home to hundreds of animal species from all over the world. Unfortunately, it is located far from the city centre. Many people wonder how to get to Krakow Zoo by public transport. How to get to Krakow Zoo by bus? Which bus to take to the ZOO?

Getting to Krakow Zoo by bus is not the easiest task because there is only one bus line to Krakow Zoo and its timetable is not very saturated with rides.

There is a bus line to Krakow Zoo that connects Cichy Kącik with the Zoo. The line number is 734 and it is a temporary line replacing line 134 in 2023.

Bus line 734 runs directly to Krakow Zoo. The buses of this line on weekdays usually run about 2 times per hour, and on holidays and Saturdays peak hour courses can be expected up to 4 times per hour, but if the day is not sunny there are only two courses.

For up-to-date information on the number of buses to Krakow Zoo on a given weekend, please consult the official MPK website or call the hotline.

Summary: Which bus goes to Krakow Zoo? There is a line 734 to the ZOO, which runs quite infrequently and connects the ZOO stops with the Cichy Kącik loop. A detailed timetable for the bus to Krakow Zoo is available on the official Krakow MPK website.

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