Is Krakow in Ukraine? Is There a War in Krakow? Is Krakow Near Ukraine?

Since the bestial and barbaric military invasion of innocent Ukraine by the Moscow regime, many people have wondered whether Krakow is in Ukraine. Is Krakow at war in Ukraine? How far is it from Krakow to the front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war? Let’s find out if Krakow is near Ukraine!

If you were wondering whether there is a war in Ukraine in Krakow, the answer is no. There is no war in Krakow. Krakow is a city located in Poland, not in Ukraine.

Krakow is Poland and has absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine. It is about 1,350 kilometres (840 miles) in a straight line from Krakow, Poland to the front lines running in Donbass, Ukraine.

A car journey from the centre of Krakow to Severodonetsk is more than 20 hours of non-stop driving! As you can see, the distance from Krakow in Poland to the areas affected by military action in eastern Ukraine is colossal!

Is it safe to travel to Krakow with the war in Ukraine? The trip to Krakow in Poland is completely safe! There are no Russian or Ukrainian soldiers here, and there is no indication that either side of the conflict is about to attack city located in Poland! It is worth bearing in mind that Poland is a country in NATO. There is no indication that Russia is about to attack NATO members.

Summary: Is Krakow in Ukraine? Is Krakow at war? No, Krakow is in Poland. It is a neighbouring country to Ukraine but completely separate. It is in the Schengen Area, the European Union and the NATO military alliance. There is no war between Ukraine and Russia in Poland.

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