Do I Need Passport to go to Krakow, Poland? What Documents are Needed for Poland?

Krakow is a popular tourist city in Poland visited by many foreign guests. Many people planning a trip to Krakow wonder whether they need a passport to visit Krakow. Who needs a passport to visit Krakow? Do you need a visa to visit Poland and Krakow?

Do I need a passport to visit Krakow? In many cases when going to Poland you do not need a passport. Citizens of European Union countries such as Germany, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Hungary or Slovakia do not need a passport to go to Poland.

Citizens of the Schengen countries and the European Union and EEA can take with them an ID card, not a passport, and they do not need any visa formalities if their stay in Krakow and Poland will not exceed 90 days. In their case, the document they must have with them is simply the most ordinary identity card.

However, citizens of, for example, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Japan, China, India or the United States of America and Canada will need a passport to enter Poland. Citizens of Asia, North and South America will also need a passport. It is also worth remembering that citizens of many countries may need not only a passport but also a visa to enter Poland. We would also like to remind you that Poland is in the Schengen Area.

If you are not sure whether you can travel to Poland from your country without a passport or visa, it is best to check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of both your country and Poland before planning your trip.

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