Is Krakow in Warsaw? Is Krakow in Prague?

Have you heard from friends about a good holiday in Krakow and wondered where it is? There are few places in Poland that are popular with foreign tourists so many people wonder if Krakow is part of Warsaw. Is Krakow in Warsaw? Where is Krakow? Are Krakow and Warsaw the same thing? Is Krakow in Prague?

We have already written once where is Krakow. If you wonder whether Krakow is in Warsaw, the answer to this question is no. Krakow, Warsaw and Prague are three separate cities.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland located in the central part of the country. Prague is capital of Czech Republic. Prague is therefore not even in the same country as Krakow. Krakow is the second largest city in Poland located in the southern part of the country. The best way to get from Warsaw to Krakow is by plane from Krakow Airport. You can also take a fairly quick and cheap train between Krakow and Warsaw. You can also get from Prague to Krakow by train or plane.

Krakow is a city located in the south of Poland. To sum up: Krakow and Warsaw are two separate places in Poland. Prague is not in Poland. It’s capital city of Czechia.

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