5 Reasons to Visit Krakow in December, Weather, Temperature

December is a great month for a trip to Krakow, you will have the opportunity to see the weather in December in Krakow on the atmospheric streets of the city center. December in Krakow is also a month of unique cultural and Christmas events. What’s Krakow like in December and Christmas?

We have prepared an article for you with a description of the weather in Krakow in December and why it is worth to fly to Krakow in December. But first – why visit Krakow in December, Top 5 reasons and things to do in Winter in Krakow.


Christmas Market

In Krakow every year, you can visit the Christmas Market, here you can buy souvenirs from Krakow, taste local Christmas cuisine. You can also see a Christmas tree, buy a Christmas wafer or drink mulled wine or borscht in one of the cafes on the main square.

In Krakow, the city also exhibits LED angels every year, you can meet them in many places in Krakow.


Walk through the medieval streets in the snow

krakow streets

This is one of the most atmospheric things you can do in winter in Krakow. We recommend walking the streets of the Old Town, Kazimierz and Stare Podgórze. We like walking early in the morning, when there are no crowds in the streets yet and the city has amazing acoustics during snowfall in Krakow.


See Krakow nativity scenes, Szopki

In the very center of Krakow, from December 3, you will be able to admire Krakow’s nativity scenes. They differ from the traditional ones, they are richly decorated, with scenes not only from the Bible but also from the life in Krakow. The nativity scenes are very colorful, golden, large, and often take months to make one. At the information points in Krakow, you will be able to receive an information bulletin where to find all the Nativity Scenes in Krakow.


Go skiing in the Tatra Mountains

skiing Krakow

The first ski lifts are just an hour’s drive from Krakow, right next to Myślenice. The most, however, are in the Tatras, about 120 minutes from Krakow. The best places for skiing and snowboarding are Zakopane, Białka Tatrzańska, Bukowina Tatrzańska. We have prepared a special article for you on how to get to Zakopane from Krakow.


See Polish Christmas traditions

krakow christmas traditions
While in Krakow, you can learn about interesting Polish Christmas and winter traditions. Among other things, riding a horse-drawn sleigh, decorating a Christmas tree, breaking Christmas wafer, singing Christmas carols or just spending time with family or friends on Christmas Eve and holidays with 12 traditional dishes.

Krakow Weather in December

Krakow weather in december

You have to prepare for temperatures ranging from -5 to about 4 degrees Celsius. At night, the temperature can drop to -7 degrees above freezing.

Better bring an umbrella with you as it can rain but also snow. It may not snow as much as in January – but there are snowy days in Krakow

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